AAPG Studies in Geology #29


The Trenton Group (Upper Ordovician Series)

of Eastern North America: Deposition, Diagenesis, and Petroleum


Edited by

Brian D. Keith





1. Regional Facies of Upper Ordovician Series of Eastern North America, by Brian D. Keith


2. Stratigraphic and Environmental Relationships of Middle and Upper Ordovician Rocks in Northwest Georgia and Northeast Alabama, by Burchard D. Carter, Timothy M. Chowns


3. Trenton Limestone Fracture Reservoirs in Lee County, Southwestern Virginia, by Charles S. Bartlett


4. Middle and Late Ordovician Shelf Activation and Foredeep Evolution, Central Appalachian Orogen, by Gary G. Lash


5. Cyclic Sedimentation Patterns in the Middle and Upper Ordovician Trenton Group of Central Pennsylvania, by Mary Anne Gardiner-Kuserk


6. Facies of the Trenton Group of New York, by Robert Titus


7. Bioclastic Turbidites in the Trenton Limestone: Significance and Criteria for Recognition, by Charlotte J. Mehrtens


8. Deposition in the Oxygen-Deficient Taconic Foreland Basin, Late Ordovician, by Bernward Josef Hay, and John L. Cisne


9. Overview of Trenton Exploration and Development in New York State, by Donald Joseph Drazan


10. Comparison of Foreland Basin Sequences: The Trenton Group in Southern Quebec and Central New York, by Charlotte J. Mehrtens


11. Geology of the Trenton Limestone in Northwestern Ohio, by Lawrence H. Wickstrom, John D. Gray


12. Six Potential Trapping Plays in the Ordovician Trenton Limestone, Northwestern Ohio, by Alan H. Coogan, Marilyn Maxey Parker


13. A Case Study for Exploration and Development of the Trenton Reservoir in Northwest Ohio, by D. W. Caprarotta, L. A. Schrider, M. A. Natoli, W. K. Sawyer


14. Trenton Exploration and Wrenching Tectonics--Michigan Basin and Environs, by C. E. Prouty


15. Cave Levels of the Trenton-Black River Formations in Central Southern Michigan, by Ronald J. DeHaas, Merlin W. "Casey" Jones


16. Reservoirs Resulting from Facies-Independent Dolomitization: Case Histories from the Trenton and Black River Carbonate Rocks of the Great Lakes Area, by Brian D. Keith


17. Depositional Facies and Diagenetic History of the Trenton Limestone in Northern Indiana, by Daniel R. Fara, Brian D. Keith


18. The Granville Pay Zone: A Shallow Upper Ordovician Limestone Reservoir in the Lexington Limestone of South-Central Kentucky, by Michael P. Sullivan, Wayne A. Pryor